Music and Mental Health

Music and Mental Health

Mayer Taylor, Junior Writer

Help comes in all different forms; in some cases, it happens to be accompanied by instruments and vocals. Despite the differing perceptions regarding music, its ability to help individuals cope and express themselves is not subjective. 

In the article, Music Can Be a Great Mood Booster, author Sarah Elizabeth Adler brought attention to the work of the Global Council on Brain Health, a team composed of individuals with experience in the scientific field, such as health care professionals and scientists. 

Suzanne Hanser, a report contributor and the president of the International Association for Music & Medicine, remarked that, “There are so many mechanisms that explain the powerful impact that listening to a piece of music can have”.

 Listening to a favorite song triggers a release in dopamine and oxytocin, both of which make the listener happy. The stress hormone, cortisol, has also been found to decrease while listening to comforting songs. Naturally, there is a surplus of cortisol in high school students; homework, friend drama, and pressure all contribute to a rise in stress. 

However, junior Amelia Hawkins found that “music always helps [her]. It makes [her] happy and keeps [her] focused throughout the day.” She also noted that “[she] plays it when she has to get work done, when [she] feels unhappy, or when [she is] bored”. 

Similarly to Hawkins, junior Camille Connolly recalled that it has “helped [her] escape from situations and it put [her] in a better mood.” She also claimed that, ‘It helped [her] focus on things. It inspired [her].” 

Both of the juniors mutually agreed that listening to their beloved songs had a positive benefit on their mental health. 

Like Connolly and Hawkins, Molly O’brien agreed that “it makes [her] feel better, especially when a song [she’s] really into comes on.” 

Not only does music have the ability to make people feel better, but it also encourages self-expression, inspiration, and advice. Listening to a favorite song has never disadvantaged anyone.