Media Madness

Increased technology use disrupts sleep

Media Madness

Allisen Price, Junior Writer

High schoolers are on their phones at 2 a.m. not even thinking about putting it down. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok all accompanied by teens. Teens are being affected by not only not sleeping but also the blue light.

Students spending multiple hours at night on their phones is affecting their sleep schedule and school performance. Students are not able to fully comprehend all the subjects taught at school because they are tired and not paying attention to the teacher due to the lack of sleep.  

“Screen time affects my sleep by sleeping 10 hours without my phone. I usually go to bed around 10:30 or 11:30 and then go to sleep,” said freshman Alexis Alfonsi. Niko Dhembi. “Screen time affects my sleep by making me a little more tired.”  

These freshmen go to bed from half an hour to an hour and a half later on their phone than without. Like many other students who don’t get enough sleep to comprehend school, and afterschool, their activities are being affected.

With people spending more time on their phones at night, they are getting less sleep. With most teens going to bed later with their phone, they are getting less sleep. Will this affect their attention in class. This Freshman Niko Dhembi goes to bed from half an hour to an hour and a half later with his phone than without.

She admitted that this has made her feel “less tired” when on it- but with Niko Dhembi. “screen time affects my sleep by making me a little more tired.”  

“When I don’t get enough sleep, I can’t pay attention in class, and I feel tired the entire day.” Yechan Kim. 

With Yechan spending more time on his phone he is getting less sleep. Paying attention in class is harder when you’re tired and for the whole day it is hard to focus. Teens should get anywhere from 7-10 hours of sleep at night. 

“I spend around two-three hours a night on my phone before sleeping, “In the morning I also wake up and the first thing I do is check my phone,” freshman Sophia de Hoolanda said. 

Sophia de Hoolanda said she feels way more tired when on her phone AND her eyes do hurt from the blue light. She also said that social media is affecting her confidence levels due to pics of flawless skin, money, clothes etc. She spends like many others her last minutes on her phone before bed; 2-3 hours she could be sleeping.

Having to wake up at 5;30am, high schoolers’ un-continuous attention will deplete more and more throughout the day. Taking hours off sleep and being on their phones really did drain their energy. It is not only affecting their eyes, but social media is affecting their confidence.