Avoiding A Humdrum Conundrum


Ava Gallucci, Junior Writer

As winter sets in, many people may be looking to participate in their usual cold-weather activities. However, COVID-19 restrictions can render many of these activities unable to be done, creating boredom during the winter months. There are safe alternatives that can be done inside or outside the house, as well as beyond the house.

One of the best ways to stay safe during the pandemic is to stay home. There are numerous activities that can be done indoors to ensure that COVID-19 will not spread, including practical pastimes like redecorating or reorganizing. Activities that lean more toward “fun” include baking sweets, having a movie marathon, learning a new hobby, hosting a game night or having a video game competition with family members. 

“I usually bake cookies with my mom and watch Christmas movies with my family,” sophomore Mykalyn Peguese said.

Staying indoors constantly can become boring, even if there are fun activities to take part in. An easy solution to this is to go outdoors, whether that means shoveling snow for neighbors or taking photographs on a scenic walk down the street. There are plenty of activities that people can do in their backyard, including making a bird feeder by stringing popcorn or cereal onto a tree or entertaining oneself or siblings by having fun in the snow.

“I either play with my dog out in the snow, or I watch movies and do the normal Christmas stuff. Like making gingerbread houses,” freshman Olivia Snyder said.

Even beyond the immediate household, there is no end to the possibilities for winter entertainment. A nearby hill could be the perfect place for popular snowy activities, including sledding, skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding. A safely iced natural lake or artificial ice skating rink is ideal for long-time skaters or even beginners looking to start skating this winter.

“Walking around the neighborhood or to the park is a great way to exercise while also staying safe,” sophomore Elizabeth Laurence said.

Despite being in quarantine, people can have fun participating in activities such as baking, taking a walk, or ice skating. To beat the boredom this winter, find entertainment, whether it be indoors or outdoors, at home or somewhere else.