Trump Eats

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Trump Eats

Glen Hanton, Senior Writer

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Food. Definition: any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth. There is one man in this country that oversees the maintenance and growth of the nation itself. A journalist cannot say the word “nation” without the notion of the big man of government tumbling into their reader’s minds. You already know this person because he has invaded your brain, the president of the United States.




Here’s a question: What does Donald eat?


I’ll tell you… Donald’s.


I mean, McDonald’s.


It is no surprise the Herbert Hoover of corporate America has a swaying tendency toward corporate American eats. This is first on the list because it is eaten by the president with the most frequency.

The normal Mickey D’s order for Donald Trump? If you’re acquainted with GTA’s Big Smoke, this may sound familiar. On a normal day:

2 Big Macs, altogether 1,080 calories with 56 grams of fat.

2 Filet-o-Fish Sandwiches, altogether 780 calories and 38 gs of fat.

An assorted McDonald’s dessert: a chocolate shake or sundae.

And a Diet Coke.

But that’s typically for lunch aboard Air Force One or on the go in a Chevrolet Suburban. What does a breakfast look like for Donald Trump? Admittedly, this one’s pretty simple. Typically, Donald Trump doesn’t bother himself or his chefs with breakfast. When he does though, it’s American.

A typical breakfast is a simple meal of:

Two Eggs. 140 Calories, 10g of fat, 14 g of protein

A serving of Bacon. Roughly 240 Calories, 36 g of fat, 15 g of protein.

White Bread (Toast). 160 Calories, lots of carbs, not much else.

We have discussed firstly the lunch plans of the big 45th, then covered his breakfast, as the time cycle goes we finish with dinner.

This is where things vary as widely as they can for Donald Trump. Certainly, he enjoys extravagance from time to time, as a theoretical example Donald Trump will travel to an extravagance of his own name. Donald Tower.

Actually no, Trump Tower.

Here, amongst his enterprise of business ventures, he ventures to one of the dishes closest to his heart: his mother’s meatloaf. Both a blast from the past and a blast of humility is featured as a prime time item in Trump Tower’s fine eatery. Said to be directly derived from his mother’s special recipe for Trump’s million dollar guests to enjoy.

Mama’s Meatloaf (roughly). 350 Calories, 11 grams of fat, 29 grams of protein

Perhaps an assorted Trump Tower Topping (We’ll say 200 Calories)

And probably a Diet Coke

As a grand total for a single day of eating of McDonald’s, eggs, and Mama’s Meatloaf totals out to… 

Let me get a calculator…

About 3,000 Calories. Take that as you will in comparison with your diet, for dimensions Trump is 6’3” and is 73 years old. For calorie needs for a man his age he needs roughly 2,000 Calories, the excess 1,000 he eats goes straight to the American image of a president.

Take Trump’s eats how you will. By the first amendment, the press is here to inform.