What’s The Best Way to Prepare for the SAT?

Juniors take the SAT April 10.

Joachina Jenuwine, Junior Writer

March 7th is the first day of the SAT Prep Workshop. There are classes for reading, math, writing & language, and essay. They will have each class twice and students will be separated by last name.


The first group to attend are students last names A-L and the second day (March 8) will be M-Z in the ECC from 2:30 to 3:30 with daily attendance.


“I hope all the students achieve their goals they set for themselves,” junior English teacher Melissa Burtraw said. “SAT scores are proven to go up because of these classes, take the practice tests that are set up on Khan Academy.”


March 7th/8th- Orientation/Reading with Julien/Cowells

March 12th/13th- Reading part 2 with Julien

March 14th/15th- Math part 1 with Cowells

March 19th/20th- Writing & Language with Julien

March 21st/22nd- Math part 2 with Cowells

March 26th/27th- Writing & Language/ Essay with Julien


Bring a pen/pencil and a calculator for the math session. Food and drinks are not permitted.


If students are unable to attend the day of their last name, see AP English teacher Mark Julien in room 114 or math teacher Jessica Cowells.