Film Fridays: The Greatest Showman

Emma Buck, Junior Writer

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With a large timeline of performances and events, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has become the most famous traveling circus around the globe. Having a movie based off the story of the creation of the Barnum and Bailey circus before the Ringling Bros. Circus bought the company is huge due to this being one of the largest sources of entertainment in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The movie opens up with the first musical number, The Greatest Show, which throughout the movie is often performed by the cast. There are many songs in the film that appear multiple times and every five to ten minutes there are a few lyrics sang, which isn’t ideal for a movie.

The Greatest Showman has well portrayed the story of Phineas T. Barnum and his Circus, filled with oddities such as The Bearded Lady (Keala Settle), General Tom Thumb (Sam Humphrey), and The Hairy Man (Luciano Acuna Jr.). If you enjoyed La La Land, then you will enjoy The Greatest Showman. The cinematography is amazing, and the colors are breathtaking. It is truly a fantastic film and worth your time.