Lanyards, Lame or Legitimate?

Lanyards, Lame or Legitimate?

Emily Dumanska, Junior Writer

As the student walks into class, their teacher tells them to put on their lanyard. The discouraged student does not understand why they need to wear it and debates to themselves whether or not it is even necessary.

Students at Henry Ford II High School have begun to wear their lanyards as a result of the new enforced school regulation this year and are pondering what the significance of lanyards are. “I think that a lot of students don’t want to wear lanyards, and the teachers are very supportive of the lanyards,” sophomore Madison Weigner said. “Students don’t like to wear them because they look weird and are uncomfortable to wear after a while. But teachers want to see students wearing them because of safety. Both sides have reasonable arguments if lanyards are important or not but personally, I don’t like wearing my lanyard”. 

Teachers are glad and support the new lanyard regulation, but some students are discouraged. Tenth grader Aiden Filichowski, lists the positive uses of lanyards, saying, “Some positive effects are that you can be identified very easily, and you will not be stopped by teachers. Negatives are that the landtags make my neck raw and I do not like how it looks.” 

With the start of the new school year some students’ perspectives changed on how they see school and how it is differentiated from last year. “In my opinion the new lanyard rule has changed my perspective on school,” sophomore Jenna Walters said. “I feel this way because one reason the school is telling us to wear them is to help identify anyone who might not belong in the school, but I feel as if the school should have better security before letting someone enter the building in the first place. Students should not have to get checked while walking down the hallway, everyone in the school should 100 percent belong there and should already be known.” 

Arriving at school without your lanyard and being instructed to put it on by your school teacher is both inconvenient for the student and the teacher. Due to a new school requirement, students have begun to wear their lanyards. This hinders students while keeping teachers satisfied.