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Stricter dress code policy causes confusion

Individuality Originality

Alyviah Queen, Junior Writer

Along with the new school year, a lot of unwanted changes have been put in place by administration. Including a big change in stricter dress code which is upsetting and confusing to the students. 

In high school many students do not agree with the dress code, they feel it is biased and discriminatory and want to have freedom with what they wear.

“The dress code is strict for the girls but a lot less strict for the guys as they have more freedom about what they want to wear, and is unfair to our females,” sophomore Xaire Moore said.

A male at henry ford wearing mid-thigh shorts he would not be looked at twice. However, a female wearing the same length shorts would be considered distracting and would get dress coded.

“I don’t pay attention to the dress code that much, but students should show up appropriately,” teacher Karen Trivelloni said.

A recent poll on high school students stated 71% of the students disagree with their current dress code policy. They disagreed with the inequality between male students vs female students, and the lack of freedom of expression.

“We are at school to learn, ” senior Ayannah Sierminski said. “Dress coding us and taking us out of class is a disruption toward our education and shows administration is focusing on the wrong things.” 

Dress code enforcement this year isn’t impacting students positively. It has decreased morale and made people more self-conscious.