Absolutely Apple

Absolutely Apple

Anthony Cannizzero, Junior Writer

Newest Apple Device changes become a topic of debate! IOS 16 becomes Apple’s newest loved and despised change. 

Popular technological company Apple recently updated their users’ operating systems from IOS 15.4 to IOS 16. The update introduced multiple interface features, new settings, and improved the device performance. These positive changes also came with negative changes such as a worsening battery life, and performance issues.

“The update has made my battery life worse,” senior Thomas Fidler said. “I started to notice it after I got home from school and my phone was dead when usually it wouldn’t die during school days. The performance has been good though.” With the change of the battery life and performance issues, there also came another change which involves the interface. The interface changed how the music appears on the users lock screen and how the time and date appear.

“I like the new lock screen because it’s finally something new rather than being lame and odd. Music will forever be amazing whether it is changed or not,” senior T.J. Boettcher said.  In the IOS 16 beta many loved the new interface changes but also noted that it altered their phones battery life. Both the negative and positive change was moved onto the official release. 

“My favorite part of the update is how the lock screen was changed. I like how the music shows up on the whole screen as well, my least favorite part of the update is how my phone’s battery life got worse,” senior Mason Hillman said.

With these changes, IOS 16 has proven to be widely received as a positive change by students but with a decent amount of grievances. With IOS 16 being newly released many loves and detest the changes.