Featured Falcon

Senior Dominic Koje named featured falcon of the week.


Adrian Gjerkaj, Junior Writer


Senior Dominic Koje was named Featured Falcon of the week for his excellence in athletics and academics.

“Being the Featured Falcon feels amazing. Being able to represent the school and myself is a big accomplishment,” senior Dominic Koje said. “I think I earned it by being a good student and a good athlete, and helping others who need help and being a good role model for younger students.”

Koje’s main sport is soccer, and he has played for 13 years. Furthermore, he has a lot of success off the pitch in school. He is involved in the AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and was nominated by AVID teacher Alyssa Pouliot.

“Dominic is one of my AVID 12 seniors, so I have been able to get to know him as a student and person throughout the last year or so,” Pouliot said “I know him to be a very kind student overall, and Mrs. Davis- Dom’s previous AVID teacher- told me the same. Not only has Dom been able to keep up his grades even with AP / Honors classes, he is extremely dedicated to his sport and faith outside of school. I’ve seen him work with underclassmen and he takes on the responsibility with ease. He is also great with communication, and thinking of others.” 

Not only noticed by his teacher, Dominic’s fellow classmates notice his leadership skills, and his academic excellence.

“Dominic displays leadership skills when he normally helps when working in groups, and he also participates a lot,’ AVID classmate Daniella Daoud said.  “Dominic also encourages his classmates to get involved in whatever they are doing.”

Dominic excels in plenty of different ways, and does not hesitate to demonstrate leadership skills on and off the soccer field. He really has achieved his “GOALS”.