Adolescent Authors


Isabella Lucaj, Junior Writer


On Tuesday, June 7th, teacher Lola Hess and her parenting classes walked to Browning Elementary School to read books they wrote themselves to a second grade class.

Hess’s parenting classes created books they thought elementary children would enjoy. After a week and a half of working on the books, students headed off to Browning. 

“Our book was about a shooting star that fell down to earth and has to find its way back up to the sky. When thinking of what to write when we first started this project we were trying to think of what younger kids would like to hear about.” freshman Aiden Filichiwski said.

The students got to the elementary school around 8:30 AM and left around 11:30 PM. 

“I was really nervous to read to the first graders and really hoped they would like the book my partner and I made.” freshman Angelena Gojcaj said.

Many students admitted they were nervous before presenting their book to the class.

“At first the kids were nervous to talk or react to the book but as I read it they became more relaxed, comfortable, and talkative.” freshman Layla Calhoun said.

After spending hours with the second graders, students took their books and multiple new memories back to Henry Ford II.