A Bright Connection

Painting metro Detroit in a sea of green and red, city goers prepare for the holiday season.

Mikayla Mazza, Senior Writer

For most kids, December is fun month filled with lots of fun activities. However for other kids, like hospital patients, the December holiday season can be a sad reminder of unfortunate circumstances. 

This year, from December 15th through the 25th, Beaumont Royal Oak offers “Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams” to try and combat feelings of loneliness adolescent patients may feel during the holidays. It’s a way citizens can get involved and spread some holiday cheer to patients in the hospital. 

“My experience going to the ‘Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams’ event felt very one-of-a-kind,” junior Bridget Kinna said. “I went with my soccer team and it felt great to make the kids in the hospital happy. It was a great way to make the holidays special for everyone.” 

Participants at this event are required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. They should also bring flashlights, glow sticks, or any other flashing lights. These are used for shining in the windows of patients in the Children’s Hospital, who even have their own lights to shine back. 

“The moonbeams event was really fulfilling, I really recommend it to others,” junior Samantha Mazza said. She said it made her “remember to be grateful and made me appreciate more of the little things. This was a great event and I think more people should attend.”

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been extremely difficult for Beaumont Royal Oak Children’s Hospital patients to feel connected to the community. Visitor restrictions limit the amount of interaction patients can have with outside guests. This can be extremely draining for patients, losing motivation to keep fighting as time goes on. 

“It’s great to give back to the community and get involved. It brings people together and connects them for a common cause. I have went to this event in the past but I would love to go again,” junior Victoria Ruzzin said. 

This event would not only be a great reminder to visitors to be thankful for their health and welfare, but would remind patients in the hospital that they have a group of people cheering them on. 

While “Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams” could be seen as silly to some, it could change the course of patient’s lives for the future, and everyone should attend.