Getting Out Of The House

Ways to get out of the house during the cold winter months

Olivia Amalio, Junior Writer

The crisp white snow is falling to the ground, looking out your window, wondering what to do… Well, here are some great ideas.  

The Detroit Zoo has awesome Christmas lights up this time of year. There are more than 280 sculptures filled with all different types of lights. This runs from November 20-January 9th. Sundays are 5-9 p.m, Friday and Saturdays are 5-10:30 p.m.

Rochester has a bunch of pretty lights out all throughout the holidays. This goes on November 22 through January 3rd. Everything will be lit up with beautiful colorful lights.

Greenfield village also has holiday nights this year. This is going on December 3-28. The whole village will be filled with a beautiful array of lights and decorations. The times are 6:30-10p.m. There are 80 acres of all festive décor.

Starbucks has some great holiday drinks available that would be fun to go out and try. These drinks are available until the second week in January. Some of the drinks include peppermint mocha, iced sugar cookie almond latte, chestnut praline latte, etc.

 “Some good ways of getting outside this winter is exploring the outdoors by sledding, snow shoeing, and enjoying the snow on the trees by going on a walk” Freshman Adriana Ristic said.

Leaving the house can be a struggle for most people. Even going out in your backyard and playing with the snow could be a great way to get people going.

“Going and playing in the snow.” freshman Addison Sowers said.

Events that would be good to get you out of your house would be going to see lights. Detroit Zoo has zoo lights for Christmas every year. Another event to do is sledding. There are many hills to go down in the area.

“Some could be like for example skiing, sledding, and snowboarding and some could be just fun activities for example, looking at lights, getting hot coco, and bundling up to go on a walk with a friend.” Freshman Addison Babjack said.

In conclusion, there are many fun ways to get out this winter and have fun.