Holiday Shopping

The advantages of shopping online


Hassan Ansari, Junior Writer

Go online it’ll be fine

Online shopping will benefit many people especially when it comes to having items in stock. Since there are backed up cargo ships and lack of workers there is a small supply of items in store. 

Online shopping will be the better choice because there is a low supply of goods in store due to the backed up cargo ships and lack of workers.

The low supply and high demand for this holiday will make it hard for people to get what they want in stores versus online.

Online shopping will benefit the ones who can’t drive, are unable to go to stores, and are just too lazy to even go to a store. 

Online shopping is all about the company shipping orders so people don’t physically have to go to a store to purchase the things you need. 

Lastly, the items people are looking for won’t go out of stock because they can look in different stores. This makes it so much easier to shop for items in high demand. 

Overall, online shopping is better for holiday shopping. People have access to everything and items are always in stock. Also, because of the backed up cargo ships and lack of workers, items aren’t getting delivered to stores. Lastly, online shopping is very beneficial to people who can’t go to stores or just choose not to.