Store Shortages

Shortages in the school store have affected many people


Chanel Yousif, Junior Writer

The school store is popular among the students. The school store sells all types of products such as pizza, beverages, candy, and even school merchandise. Most of the time, there can be a shortage of many things.

Some shortages can vary from delivery drivers, supplies, or food for lunch. Currently, the school store has had some issues with either not ordering enough food or too much. Sometimes, there aren’t any people shipping products for the store.

“As far as products go, we are short on supplies,” marketing teacher and school store advisor Mr. Kawala said. “For instance, the place that we typically use from one of our vendors hasn’t been in all year, and today they didn’t come in again so I had to run to Kroger during lunch to get packs of plates so we could serve pizza.”

The lack of shipments has caused the workers of the school store to take some matters into their own hands. Managing the school store during the COVID-19 pandemic has also added more responsibilities on the workers. For example, there has been more cleaning, prepping carefully, and making sure the employees are wearing the right protection to keep the store running safely.

“Some difficult things to manage are making sure we have everything stocked, making sure the pizza is here on time, and managing the amount of people who come in the store”, senior manager Owen Toon said.

Students are big fans of the store and go there multiple times during lunch. Some get upset when the food runs out or when it is closed for a day. 

“I think that some people don’t understand that when the store is closed sometimes, it is because the food can’t come in on such a short notice,” senior Emily Salaman said. “It’s also because there are so many kids coming in and out so there’s not always enough for everybody.”

While there can be slight problems and setbacks in the store, the employees manage to keep it running smoothly for the students. Whether it’s the food, beverages, or candy, the students always seem to enjoy walking through the store door.