Onset Online Wednesdays

Why Online Wednesdays Should Come Back this School Year

Onset Online Wednesdays

Emma Kalmeta, Junior Writer

As alarms buzz and the sun begins to rise, it is easy to be thankful that today is an online day of school.

To begin, every student should be thankful to be at home on Wednesdays since it gives them a chance to catch up and it lessens the workload significantly for both students and teachers.

According to The Bruin Post in Why Wednesdays Off Is Beneficial, “Students can catch up on school work” and teachers can “get in touch with online students.”

This is because online days give students and teachers more time to catch up, and a day to destress themselves from overworking.

 Another quote from Why Wednesdays Off Is Beneficial explains how “It is extremely needed for the stress load of the school prior to the pandemic.”

This is because of how mixed up last year was. Almost everything was online, and now that we’re suddenly in person for five days a week as if nothing happened, everything is just too fast paced and stressful for both students and teachers.

According to Why Wednesday is the best day to take off, an article by Consumer Affairs, “Taking a Wednesday off can break up the pace of a work week, allowing people a day to live at their own pace.”

Given these points, sitting lazily on the chair while learning at home on Wednesdays is both relaxing and calming since it lessens the workload, lets everyone learn at their own pace, and lets students and their peers chill and study while the hours of learning go by with ease.