Passion for Fashion


Chanel Yousif, Junior Writer


Fashion is everywhere. Most people wear what’s trending on social media or what their favorite celebrity is wearing. In high school, figuring out how to present yourself is a common issue among students.


Students have a variety of styles. Inspired by celebrities and apps, they have their own way of putting together an outfit, usually wearing what’s trending.


“Street style, kind of grunge-like is trending right now”, senior Emily Salman said. “Preppy is trending too but most of the time it’s just the basics like sweatpants and crop tops made into cute outfits.”


Emily likes to wear trendy sneakers with her outfits, such as Air Forces, Yeezys, and Nike Air Max 97’s. With over 10 million pairs sold in 2020, Air Forces are the most popular shoes right now. They have gained the attention of many social media users.


“My fashion inspo is from Pinterest and other mainstream social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter” sophomore Aaliyah Ackerman said.


Pinterest is the most inspirational app for the latest trends. Many people like to look at outfits and accessories based on their aesthetic. These posts are to influence and sometimes impress others, but they aren’t always for the posters.


“I love to dress to impress depending on my mood” sophomore Ashley Winowski said. “I do it for myself and if I dress good I feel good!”


While there are many things trending right now, students wear what feels best to them. Whether it’s their outfits, jewelry, or accessories, students have a variety of inspirations and ways they interpret fashion.