Refuse to Lose

The boys’ varsity tennis team continues with a winning streak


Edie Pilarski, Editor

As fall progresses, the boys’ varsity tennis team persists through the remainder of the sports season. Each day, the boys practice to perfect and improve their skills. 

Since August, the team has practiced every weekday with occasional tournaments on the weekends. They will continue to practice and compete in matches until the season ends in October.

   “The season is going really well. We haven’t lost one match yet. My goal is to keep up the winning streak,’ sophomore Hien Nguyen said.

Previously, the boys’ varsity tennis team was composed of mostly underclassmen for the last two years or so. However, this year, the varsity team has more upperclassmen, which has caused a shift due to previous experience.

“We’re having a really good year. We are 4-1-3 right now and we’ve improved a lot. We had a really young team in the past; there were typically only a few seniors, but now we have gotten better overall,” coach Stephen Nellis said.

There are 12 boys on the team, and since there are more upperclassmen, the team seems to be stronger. With more experienced players, they are prospering and playing stronger and harder, while improving each day.

“Right now it’s going much better than last year and the year before. I believe we have not had any losses yet and we are second in our division, which is the best, since I have been on the team at least,” junior Joseph Melaragni said.

As of right now, the boys seem to be doing very well. The team has won many matches throughout the season and will continue to strive to. 

The boys’ varsity tennis team will be playing three more matches and have three remaining tournaments. For their matches, they will play against Anchor Bay, De La Salle and Warren Woods Tower. For tournaments, there is still the MAC Blue tournament to look forward to along with the regionals tournament that follows.