Home Run Dance

Homecoming being held at Jimmy John’s Field allows for a new and improved school dance experience


Amber Cicilian, Editor

After a bit of a hiatus, shopping for dresses and ordering party buses for school dances is back and better than ever. The beloved event that is Homecoming is going to be held at a different venue for the first time in recent history. The dance has always taken place in the commons area, or the lunchroom, but this year, students will be able to go to Jimmy John’s Field in Utica to show off their best outfits and out of this world dance moves. 

This change is more than necessary, for a multitude of reasons. As for safety concerns, an outside venue was chosen to adhere to the district’s rules on large gatherings in response to COVID-19. Having the dance out in the open will ensure that anyone that needs to adhere to social distancing guidelines can do so while still being in on the fun.  Though under unfortunate circumstances, this change could make way for a new and improved way of attending school dances. It is evident that an exciting night spent in a new outdoor venue with lots of things to do is exactly what students need after being stuck inside for the past two years.

 Despite the valiant efforts made by the student council to make the commons a nice area to dance in each year, the outcome was always lackluster. The high volume of people always made the dance floor feel like it was over 100 degrees and there was nothing to look at besides one large balloon display in the center. Having it outside at a venue like Jimmy Johns will allow for an exciting experience that should provide a lot of entertainment. Unlike other years, food stands will be open for students to buy snacks and refreshments, and that by itself makes it worth changing locations completely. No more mile long lines for the lukewarm drinking fountain and starving until the doors open at the end of the night. Other exciting offerings include the wiffle ball attraction staying open and the suites being available for students to sit down and eat at. Attendees will still be wearing the usual fancy suits and extravagant homecoming dresses, so the elegance of the night will still be there. All these amenities make this venue change feel worthwhile.  

The pandemic has taken an unfathomable amount of experiences away from everyone these last few years, but this can be seen as a great opportunity that might not have happened otherwise. Having Homecoming at Jimmy John’s Field will make the night feel more important and like an actual spectacle. If possible, those in charge of Homecoming should have the dance at outside venues every year to allow for a nice change of pace.