Back to School Basics

Students experience a new normal amid the first week of school


Amber Cicilian, Editor

The last day of August has rolled around and this year, that means school is in session early. The energy in the air has changed and students are eager to see what this semester will bring and what adjustments will be made post last year’s mask mandates and block scheduling. 

Starting the first week off on an interesting note, students and staff were introduced to a change to the starting and ending times of the day, with each class starting and ending five minutes earlier than in years past. This might not be a big difference, but the effects were obvious when students of every grade were still piling in from the backed up parking lot at 7:25 on the first day of school. 

“Walking into school on the first day was definitely different, but in a good way. I am looking forward to a new start and a somewhat normal school day. Things have changed since Corona started and at times it was a bit stressful, however it takes time to adjust and I look forward to this year” senior Maitreya Wankhede said. 

Timing issues aside, as the week moves on it is apparent that school is returning back to normal, with a few changes that seem to be welcomed by most. Unlike last year, masks are optional and the looming threat of being sent home on quarantine has lessened with new protocol. As of now, those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as well as anyone wearing a mask throughout the day will not have to be quarantined if in contact with someone who tests positive for the virus throughout the day. These are big steps from last year and most students and faculty are feeling positive about these advancements. 

 “I‘m glad masks are optional this year. But, trying to maintain social distancing has been a big adjustment for me. Being a senior I felt confident coming into school the first day, but I was still really surprised by all the changes they’ve made since last year” senior Nataliah Moyet said. 

Along with the return to a new normal comes the excitement of sports and regular activities returning. The first away football game during the school year took place on Thursday at Chippewa Valley, and with football games comes exciting dress up themes, displays of inspiring athleticism,  and eventually, the promise of a performance from the marching band and other coveted activities that have not been fully experienced since before the pandemic. 

”I really hated that covid took a lot away from us last year and I’m happy to go back to school without all the covid rules. Last year we had to stand six feet apart during marching band and cover our instruments which was not fun. I’m looking forward to band class this year and I’m glad we’ll be able to march” senior Josh Hillwig said. 

This past year and a half has proven that making the most of every day is very important. Slowly but surely things are improving, and with that comes the opportunity for these next nine months of school to be the best and most fulfilling yet.