A Prom Problem

A Prom Problem

Kurt Szymanski, Editor

As the school year starts to wind down for the seniors, they actually might have a few things to look forward to this Spring. With the announcement of in-person graduation and a “senior gala” to replace prom, most of the options are still on the table.

The Senior Gala will occur on Wednesday, June 2, from 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at the Palazzo Grande. The event is said to be a dinner that can hold up to six students a table. However, no dancing is allowed at the event.

Even though there won’t be the full blown prom experience; I think that, given the circumstances of the entire world right now, the senior gala is better than having nothing. The seniors last year didn’t even get to have any of the typical end of senior year experiences, so while some may be disappointed at what we’re getting, we have to be thankful we’re even getting anything.

One of the few rules that has caused some controversy with the gala is the fact that students from other schools cannot attend. So for those students dating someone at a different school, it’s quite disappointing for them. 

Students from other schools should be allowed to attend our senior gala, if they are in a relationship with a student from Ford. Think about how many sports games that have occurred this season that had our students going to another school to play and vice versa. If administrators found a way to make sports work, there could be a way to make this rule change.

Another rule that is affecting some students attending is the rule against bringing undergraduate students to the senior gala. Again, like the rule mentioned above, this affects students who are in a relationship, but not necessarily in the same grade.

This rule is even worse than the first one, and that is because senior students see, interact with and even have classes with underclassmen four days a week. Of course only students in a relationship should be allowed to bring their significant other, similar to the rule above.

So, at the end of the day, if you can throw 40 different kids on a football field with coaching staff and spectators and if you can throw hundreds of students, all shockingly part of different grades, into a school, some exceptions should be made for those seniors’ in their weird situations right now.