School Crêpe Customs


Edie Pilarski, Editor

As schools have created new schedules and have adjusted to a routine, many students are glad to be back. Since students returned to school about two months ago, many activities have resumed as well. Students that are taking French classes had the opportunity to take part in activities that were initially not possible due to COVID-19. However, in the cafeteria, students and French teacher, Stephen Nellis, had their annual “crêpe day.”

Every year, the students that are taking a French class make crêpes together and decorate them with their toppings of choice. This year, crêpe day looked a bit different and students did not make the crêpes in the classroom as they previously did.  

“I’m glad that I get to experience these food days because it is my first year taking French and my friends always told me about how fun these activities were. I looked forward to this,” sophomore Fatou Dieng said.

Since everyone is back in school, the students took proper precautions to ensure that the food was safe to eat. When the students made the crêpes, they also used hand sanitizer before touching the appliances. Then, students wore latex gloves to prevent any germs from spreading. Also, the students made the crêpes in the cafeteria, where there is more open space. 

“I feel happy that we are able to have these days and that we are back in school. Even though COVID-19 is still around, I feel safe doing these activities. The teachers are being especially safe,” sophomore Zayd Khazouz said. 

Crêpe day is a tradition in the French classes, and this year it just could not be missed. Students look forward to food days each year, and there are only a few. With this being said, the students were elated to take part in this activity.

“It feels good to be back and to do these food days. I get to see my friends, hang out with everyone and just have fun,” freshman Chad Stinson said.

Making crêpes each year allows students to immerse themselves in the French culture. Also, it is simply an exciting activity to do each year. Students have a good time and they even learn how to make the crêpes on their own.

As of right now, students will have the opportunity to hopefully do another food day this year. Typically students also have a food day where they make croque monsieur, which is a grilled cheese sandwich with ham. Students will have to wait to see what is in store for them for the remaining months of the school year.