The State of the Spartans and the Wolverines


Getty Images 2021

Isaiah Livers of the Michigan Wolverines pursues a loose ball against Malik Hall of the Michigan State Spartans.

Kurt Szymanski, Editor

With the start of the NCAA March Madness Tournament yesterday, Michigan State has already proven to not be up to the task of competing in the actual tournament. After an inconsistent season from MSU that involved losing to the unranked Rutgers by 30 points to beating three top 5 ranked teams towards the end of the season, UCLA topped MSU in overtime last night. 

At one point, the Spartans led the Bruins by 14 points, but turning the ball over, making shots and snatching critical rebounds turned out to be the nail in the coffin for this season. However, the Spartans have an optimistic future ahead of them.

With top shooting guard in the nation, Max Christie, slated for the roster next year, by the time the 2022-2023 season comes around, the Spartans could be unstoppable. As of now, the top ranked player nationally two recruiting classes ahead, Emoni Bates is committed to MSU. Of course these plans can always change, but as of now, it’s something Spartan fans can look forward to after a disappointing season.

While MSU disappointed this year, in-state rivals, the Michigan Wolverines have surprised fans all over the country with their performance this year. Before the season, Michigan was ranked at the bottom of the barrel in terms of the rankings at 25. But with the guidance from Juwan Howard and performance from players Hunter Dickinson and Franz Wagner, Michigan has catapulted themselves into a 1st seeded team for the tournament. 

A path to the NCAA final is never easy, but at the state the Wolverine’s are currently in, the first two games they play might be the most difficult they will have to play to make it out of their side of the bracket. Assuming they beat their first opponent Texas Southern, whoever the play next, either LSU or St. Bonaventure, will be their biggest challenge until they are ranked with higher ranked teams later down the tournament. 

On top of that Michigan is still losing one of their top players in Isaiah Livers who was one of their top scoring options this season. It’s also Juwan Howard’s first season as a head coach taking on March Madness, while this may effect nothing at all, it’s still something to consider.

With the most exciting weekend of college basketball at the doorstep, it’s time to embrace the next month and enjoy a sports event we missed out on last year.