Theme Park Madness


Connor Finnigan, Junior Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has been costly for both people and businesses. Apart of said businesses, are amusement parks, for example, Disney World. However, according to many online sites, sites like, USA today “Super Nintendo World getting set to open in Japan in 2021. Here’s what we know,” Universal Studios in Japan is doing just fine.

This pandemic has caused a lot of amusement parks to lose their customers, no one has been going to these parks seeing that it would be hard to social distance. Which is ultimately affecting Disney and their income.

Disney World has also had to lay off many workers, including part-time job workers, at least 11,000, just in Florida so far.  They are trying to eliminate 28,000 jobs in total in California and Florida because of this pandemic. With the coronavirus on the rise they have to accommodate the restrictions and costs of this virus.

However, Universal Studios in Japan is opening a new theme park called Super Nintendo World. This park will open  February 4th, 2021. Seeing how Disney is struggling to keep their employees I don’t see how Universal Studios is doing that much better in order to open a new park.

It’s not a very cheap order to open a new section of a theme park, yet Japan is able to do it even at this time. They decide to open this park when they won’t get any type of income back from it. They are putting money down the drain and not getting any in return. 

I understand how Japan would open a new park now because they can get it built pretty quickly with no one in the park. I just don’t see how they can afford the construction in these times. Opening a new park would not have been my first choice during a pandemic.

Disney laying off workers is not something I would support either but this is a necessity for them to stay on their feet and keep the park running for as long as they can. Also they had to in order to meet the restrictions of the coronavirus.

If these companies or parks had so much money to spend, I would have suggested donating this money to a cause. Maybe one for a coronavirus vaccine, or any other charity that needs this money. Helping each other is something everyone needs at this time.

Instead of spending money to get a park open for people that aren’t even going to use it. You could have helped kids or adults in need of a home or even help others get through this tough time and support them.

This pandemic is something that is costing many companies a lot of money. Yet some places can still afford to expand and not help others while they are in a struggling position.