Holiday Horoscopes


Edie Pilarski, Editor

As the new year approaches, people tend to have optimism and look on the bright side. They are ready for a fresh start and new changes. Some may make a list of resolutions they want to follow, while others look up their horoscope for the new year. There are many people who believe in horoscopes and astrology, especially for the new year. Some believe horoscopes can either bring insight, or create false hope.

When someone looks up their horoscope, they will see a list of zodiac signs and they click the one that matches their birth date. Some people read horoscopes for fun while others are fully invested. Horoscopes allow the reader to interpret their “forecast” the way that they desire and apply it to their life. Others use horoscopes as a way to set goals and give themselves something to look forward to in the future. 

“I believe that astrology and horoscopes are true because your “sign” is based off of the exact coordinates of where the sun was when you were born. Our souls are all intertwined with the universe and the stars, which is why a person’s sun sign is so true to who they are,” junior Skylar Martinez said. “The new year is entering the age of Aquarius, which enhances humanity. This means that compassion, unity and harmony will come about. 2020 was filled with aggression and power trips, as we were previously in the age of Capricorn.”

While many enjoy reading their horoscope once in a while or even on a daily basis, there are others who do not look toward astrology for all of their answers. Looking up horoscopes everyday can become addictive, even if one does not realize it. Horoscopes may give people high expectations, false predictions or give someone the wrong impression about another person. 

“I believe them (horoscopes), but to an extent. I think they can be very true but not everything is based on horoscopes. It can be too much when people start assuming something about a person because of their zodiac sign. I do not take advice from them, but I do think it is fun to look into and I enjoy talking about or researching horoscopes,” junior Sonia Hadar said. 

Even if some people do not find horoscopes to be accurate, they still provide encouragement that motivates them. According to The Atlantic, astrology can be used to comfort those who are in a crisis. Through horoscopes and astrology, these individuals have a positive future to look forward to. Astrology offers “a tangible reminder of that clichéd truism that is nonetheless hard to remember when you’re in the thick of it: This too shall pass.” 

With the new year coming closer than ever, those who believe in astrology will most likely read their horoscope to see what their forecast will be. Horoscopes for 2021 describe positive changes that each sign should be hopeful for and provide advice for challenges that they may face. Astrology might motivate and encourage people to take advantage of the new year and give them aspects to look forward to.