COVID-19 being displayed in the media


Amber Cicilian, Senior Writer

The COVID-19 crisis has infiltrated everyone’s way of life since March, when nationwide lockdowns began. It is no surprise that this new normal is starting to make its way into the entertainment industry. Across many different platforms people are starting to see an abundance of COVID-19 centered storylines and plots. 

Multiple TV Shows based in present day, real life situations are adjusting their upcoming seasons to reflect the state of the world. Some of these shows include The Good Doctor, All Rise, The Resident, and Shameless (which is currently airing it’s final season). All of these shows are going the full nine yards with masks, plexiglass dividers and descriptions of overwhelmed hospitals within their scripts. 

“I like that shows are trying to accurately describe what life is like during the past year. As upsetting as it can be, I think it’s important to cover topics that affect everyone. It would almost be weird if they ignored it,” junior Renae Tappo said. 

Many people agree that different forms of entertainment should be as true to their time period as possible. However, some people view these changes as rubbing salt in the big wound that is 2020. 

“I understand that these big companies are going to do what they want, but I feel like it is not necessary to have COVID-19 displayed everywhere so soon. We’re all living through the pandemic in real time, things don’t always need to be super realistic in areas where we’re being entertained. Especially when this instance is so intense,” junior Angel Dellin said.

Most viewers want to be entertained when watching their favorite shows and movies, without having to relive traumatic areas of their lives. 

No one expected the events of this year to have gone on as far as they have. It is now the middle of December and the effects of the virus are as evident as ever. Maybe this truly is the new normal that will be seen everywhere. Only time will tell.