Grateful Giving

The True Meaning of the Holidays

Grateful Giving

Mikayla Mazza, Junior Writer

Steaming hot chocolate, freshly-baked cookies and carefully-wrapped presents are usually what first come to mind when people hear “the holidays.” But another aspect of the holiday season often comes second to celebration. With all of the stress and worry that can be involved with the holidays, it is easy to forget about the original meaning of the season: spending time with loved ones and giving back to others. 

Stress is a definite factor as to why the joy of the season can sometimes be lost. The holidays have definitely lost some of their meaning because people are more stressed out about giving gifts instead of the joy of the holiday itself. Finding gifts for others takes time, and can definitely be overwhelming. 

These days it seems the holidays are more about getting the best gifts rather than spending time with family. Although this is supposed to be the season of giving, the idea of getting the perfect gifts is more important to some. People now seem to be more materialistic than in the past. To put it short, Christmas appears to be more about what people give than what they get.  

The holidays should be a relaxing time where families can come together and celebrate love and give back to others. But sadly, this is not an option for everyone. Many people and families struggle to put food on the table regularly, let alone during the holidays. Some parents cannot afford to purchase gifts for their children because they might not have enough to pay for necessities afterward. 

Giving back to the less fortunate is the true meaning of the holiday season, and there are many ways to do so. This year, the Marine Corps’ annual Toys for Tots Drive has a virtual toy box option on their website. Click on “Virtual Toybox: Donate a Toy”, and there will be tons of options to choose from. From basketballs to Barbie dolls, a child in need’s holiday could become that much better. 

However, giving back to others does not necessarily have to be through a charity. Writing a thoughtful card, doing extra chores and even just being kind to others are all ways to easily give back to the people we are thankful for. 

The holidays are still a wonderful celebration of love and showing thankfulness for others. People must not forget there are many others struggling this year in not only their community, but all around the world. While celebrating this year, show gratitude and give back to the community some way or somehow. Giving back will not only raise spirits, but it will make someone’s holiday just a little bit better. Giving is the true meaning of the holidays, after all.