It’s Been Too Long…

The Detroit Lions continue to be consistent in the disappointment department


The last time the Lions finished first was in 1993 with ten wins and six losses. When looking at their total win to losses they have 555 wins and 567 losses. Even this year alone they already started off the season with a record of 1-2 and losing to the Green Bay Packers 42-21.

Reportedly for the Lions, this season will be a disappointment just like every other season. After coming off a great second half of the season, defensive lineman, Trey Flowers, seems to be the only threat on the defensive line for the Lions. During the past offseason, most of the defensive line either left for another team, or left as a whole. Although replacements were found, having a new look defensive line will lead to inexperience with how coaches expect their defense to pan out.

“The lions have seemed to follow the motto of ‘we’ll get em next year!’ since 1957,” senior Santos Kipper said.

In only the second week of play, the Lions’ scores were not promising. The team lost their fourth double-digit lead in a row, becoming the first NFL team in history to do so. The reasons these scores aren’t promising could stem from weak offensive coordination. Instead of taking the risk to go further down the field for a touchdown, many drives turned into field goals from kicker, Matt Prater. Lastly, on many occasions, the Lions decided to punt the ball when they were just inches short of a first down.

During the next week of play, week three on the NFL calendar, the Lions came out on top over the Arizona Cardinals in a close game. Both teams traded blows throughout the game, with multiple lead changes, but the three interceptions caused by the Lions pushed them to come out on top 26-23. Kicker Matt Prater deserves a lot of credit too however, knocking down all four field goal attempts and scoring 12 of the 26 points that game.

“I’m optimistic because on paper we have the best offense in our division and have a solid defense that needs to stay healthy. I think coach Matt Patricia needs to be fired, he isn’t the defensive genius many have pinned him to be,” senior Noel Putris said.

This season looks bright with the overall draft selections made this year from the Lions. Picking up cornerback Jeff Okudah with the 3rd overall pick was a smart move. Adding to their list of running backs with De’andre Swift in the 2nd round of the draft might not be what this team needs. 

The previous season, running back Kerryon Johnson did an overall respectable job. Adding former offensive MVP Adrian Peterson into the mix just makes things outright confusing in the running back department, but knowing how the past seasons have gone with the Lions running backs, any change there is welcomed.

Although the situation could be better, fans need to support the Lions on their journey of making it to the top, no matter how long that takes.