Fast Food Federation

Fast Food Federation

Marcello Pinterpe, Junior Writer

“Fast Food”…some may say that this phrase is surrounded by negative connotation. Others may foam at the mouth as they imagine all the savory possibilities that are associated with it. However, looking beyond the surface, fast food is more than just relatively cheap and accessible meals, or a guilty pleasure on lazy nights when one doesn’t feel like cooking. 

Fast food is an opportunity to turn a menial part of the people of America’s lives into both a pivotal aspect of our economy and a way to supply those who are less fortunate with substantial food. One may be asking, “How in the world is it possible to do such a thing?” Well, with a little planning and ingenuity, anything is possible. 

To provide some context, the United States unemployment rate is currently 2.8%, which is completely unnecessary. The best societies have everyone who works at lucrative jobs that provides for each other. This not only provides jobs for those who are looking, but it creates motivation for the lazy percentage who won’t take the incentive and search for work. 

To some, financially, this may sound like a nightmare, but they don’t realize that the fast food industry is a 200 Billion dollar organization annually. Embracing this economic opportunity would prove to be immensely beneficial to the United states economy.