Trump’s Bitter Twitter


Marcello Pinterpe, Junior Writer

As a country, everyone has come to know our president’s social media presence, especially his rather opinionated, reckless tweets.

The questions that the nation has to ask themselves are, “Is this behavior appropriate for a president?” and if not, “What should we as a rational society do about it?” Obviously, having a couple of questionable tweets would never warrant any legal action, or affect his role as the president of our country. However, it should be at least a point of discussion, because virtually nobody talks about the fact that he as the leader of the free world and he should be working to unify his nation, but rather further divides it with quite unflattering tweets about those who disagree with his policy.

There should be no objection to him having a twitter or wanting to interact with the people of the United States, however the objection lies in his intentions. Most of his tweets are either defending a previous statement he made or inciting arguments with liberals.

His twitter could be used as a fantastic device to stay connected, inform people of what is going on in the country, respectfully settling objections and working out whatever issues that a politicians twitter would create. Granted, as a nation we have not done a good job of withholding some of the more unnecessary objections with his decisions and instead of trying to rationalize his decisions we tend to attack them. As the president however, he should be equipped with ways to deal with these objections in a mature manner. Once someone is put into any kind of powerful political position, the way they conduct themselves should have a certain sophistication and carefulness.

Hopefully, in the event that he is given another term in office, he will make more of an effort to deliver his statements with more caution and run his social media with more positive intention