Holiday Hectics


Isaiah Williams-Weeks, Junior Writer

Every year, families in America teeter-totter on the thought of putting Christmas decorations up and getting into the spirit before Thanksgiving. People that decide to put decorations up early might get criticism and joked about for missing a holiday, but it is always in good fashion. Americans need to look to see where they need to draw the line. 

The Simonis family, who lives in Texas, are now battling with their Homeowners Association, Diamond Association Management and Consulting, over Christmas decorations. According to their Homeowners Association it is too early to put up festive lights and decorations. They ordered the family to take down their decorations. The family had no intent on taking down them; however, the family was expecting a baby very soon. The mother of the family, Claudia, told WOIA, “I feel kind of heavy, so the earlier we put out the decorations the better. Because in probably in two more weeks, I’m not going to be able to do all this.” 

The family had a valid reason for putting the decorations up early. Their baby is expected within the next month, and they have two other children who want to be able to enjoy the spirit the decorations spread. No one saw their dressed up lawn a problem besides the HOA. The neighbor of the Simonis family, Charles Minton told WOIA, “I think the decorations are great. I think they are very tasteful.”  With the family having a justifiable reason for putting the decorations up and the neighborhood on their side, this instance shouldn’t be a problem. 

We have to ask the question of if the Homeowners Association can order families to take down decorations before a holiday. Also, are they going to do the same after that holiday? Why aren’t homeowners getting deadlines they have to follow for holidays? For example, the HOA could put rules in place for when to take down Halloween decorations and when you can start putting up your Christmas decorations.

If the HOA is providing a deadline for when to put up Christmas decorations, then they should also provide a deadline for when to take them down before another holiday. Some families keep decorations up for weeks after the new year which can start to make the neighborhood look bad. Just as the Homeowners Association can tell neighbors how their yard has to look, Christmas decorations should be the same way. Calendars every month should be held out so that families all get the ability to know when and when not to spice up the look of your yard and house.