A Movie Escape Before Thanksgiving Break

Amber Brunett, Features Editor

Although the snow is falling and Christmas lights are already out, there are still many things to look forward to before Thanksgiving. In particular, there is the event Student Council is hosting before Thanksgiving break: movie day.

Student Council will be showing a movie all day in the PAC on Tuesday, Nov 26. There is a $1 admission fee per hour, but teachers have to approve their class to see the movie that hour. The money collection date depends on individual teachers, be sure to ask your teacher when.

Money raised will go to a charity, so students, staff, and even the community benefits.

“We’ve done this for many years, and it’s a great way to raise money for local families in Utica Schools,” history teacher and co-leader of Student Council Chris Verselle said.

Student Council has donated money to many charities, but they try to keep it local. In previous years, roughly 700 students have gone every hour. The money raised will be a good kickoff to Charity Week, which starts December 9 through 13.

“The event is a good idea,” sophomore Andrew White said, “it helps everybody involved and gives the students a break.”

Student Council doesn’t know what movie is being played yet, but they have played Elf in previous years. No matter the movie, the event is still a great opportunity to relax before Thanksgiving break.

“I would love to get out of class,” senior David Spaenle said, “I need a break.”

So don’t start singing Christmas carols yet—because there is still a lot of events coming to be thankful for.