Disney+ adds more reasons to move away from Cable.

Disney+ adds more reasons to move away from Cable.

Fernanda Hernandez, Junior Writer

With the recent November 12th release of The Walt Disney Company’s “Disney+” streaming service, fans all over the nation are excited to be able to watch new exclusive content along with treasured Disney classics.

The release of the network comes with an abundance of new original content such as shows and movies. But to some families, it comes with the burden of having to add a new monthly fee for a brand new source of entertainment.  Although the monster of a service provides so many branches of popular entertainment networks, it becomes more and more difficult to be able to afford all the new services that are hitting the market. 

When online streaming services first became popular, entertainment experts quickly assumed that they would overpower cable television networks and make them irrelevant.  This conceived the term “cable-cutter”, referring to the large amounts of households around the world who left their cable television subscriptions for less expensive, diverse online streaming services, such as Netflix.  For all those cable-cutter families who’ve long left their cable television days, having all the new options of services might be troublesome. Having all these services, makes cable-cutting kind of redundant.  

Before, the demand for streaming services was met with excellent reviews; seeing as many liked how inexpensive it was compared to cable television.  Currently, Americans already pay around half of what they did for television entertainment before the cable-cutter era. Having many streaming services at a time is starting to create the same burden in American’s wallets as cable television.

With the addition of the “Disney+” service to the market, consumers of entertainment should realize that new online streaming networks are making getting rid of cable redundant. Before spending large sums of money on multiple streaming networks, take into consideration the benefits of both services, and decide which is the best financial option.