Lights, Christmas, Action.

Brooklyn Bell, Junior Writer

As Christmas approaches, people begin their Christmas traditions by putting trees up and stringing lights outside. 

Christmas is a wonderful holiday to celebrate the joy of being around family and friends, but also exchanging gifts. One event most people enjoy is hanging up Christmas lights. “Christmas Lights make me super happy to hang up because it brings joy into my household,” freshman Seraphina Kue said. 

 As most people say, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Studies have shown that people who put up Christmas lights up earlier, are happier and have an improved mood. It is often even said that putting Christmas lights can evoke strong childhood memories.

In America there are approximately 150 million Christmas lights sold each year. Most Americans compete to see who has the best Christmas lights, usually the houses with the most decore win. Christmas lights are seen as a symbol of life, hope and good in the world. 

New trends are starting this year too, such as DIY shiny baskets with pines, and different shapes of Christmas lights. DIY shiny baskets with pines are pretty fun and easy to make, and different shaped lights give a house a more unique and modern look. 

With the time of Christmas quickly approaching, putting a spin on your regular decorating will make this Christmas even more memorable than the last.