Iraqi Protests


Klara Jamil, Junior Writer

Nobody’s paying enough Attention to Iraqi protesters, people should start paying less attention to celebrities, and pay more attention to those innocent teens, and college students that are fighting for their lives. Their lives, are full of bloody ashes and destruction. The protesters are fighting for their simplest human rights, and nothing more. They are trying to call out to the world; to understand their struggle of living.

This all began because of mass corruption against the government. The protesters, mostly in their twenties, are trying to live a peaceful life. They went to protest for their rights, and are being treated miserably by having no food, no electricity, unemployment, and absolutely no peace! 

These young men are being faced with weapons and tear gas. They are being brutally hurt, beaten, wounded, and even killed. Protesters wanted to share with the world how hard their lives are, and how unequally they are being treated. Unfortunately, after sharing their stories around the different social media platforms, the government did not want to allow the whole world to know anymore, and shutdown the internet around the whole place. 

During school, one of my close friends was mentioning to me how most of her family members live in Iraq, and how she’s always concerned about their safety. They call each other about 3 times a week. “Life is alarming, but what’s even on a much larger scale is living in Iraq” sophomore Sally Nadar said. When she mentioned family members it clicked to me that many students are just like her, I personally thought about my own family members, most of them live around the protesters area, My family and I were terrified, when they did not answer our calls for a week or so.

Students that have to see their own ‘’hometown’’ getting damaged, and destroyed is heart-breaking. Especially those that had spent most of their lives with their family, friends, and just the breeze of their country. Seeing how their world turned upside down hurts on the inside. Students knowing the things that are happening to their home country is beginning to stress out them out.

‘’For someone who has experience this whole thing as a child, I would never want anyone to go through it, but there’s no one who is giving enough attention to all the innocent souls that have been gone or lost,’’ freshman Samar Nadir said.

People are dying, families are being separated, children going through the worst time period of their lives, without any regular human rights. It’s time for the world to know about this issue, so we can stop it.