Too Old For a Treat?


Edie Pilarski, Junior Writer

Halloween is a holiday where children across the globe can collect loads of candy and show off their spooky costumes. While Halloween is filled with pranks and laughter, it seems that the thrill that comes along with the holiday fizzles once children reach a certain age. During this time of year, the age-old question is bound to come around: how old is “too old” to trick-or-treat?

Answers may vary when people get asked “When did you stop trick-or-treating?”. Everyone has their own opinions about wearing costumes and going out into the night going from door to door. While it is fun to make costumes and dress up, many teens may find they are uninterested in going out to gather candy. Some teenagers might even feel embarrassed about going out on Halloween. Trick-or-treating should come to a halt in one’s life when they reach their mid-teens. 

In some states, trick-or-treating can get teenagers punished. In Virginia, Maryland and South Carolina, children aged twelve and up are banned from such activities. The appropriate age range to stop trick-or-treating should range from ages fifteen to sixteen. However, putting an end to Halloween fun at twelve seems a bit too young. Children have the right to enjoy Halloween until they decide to stop knocking on doors. 

Even teenagers might feel as if they are too old to go out, they can still have fun celebrating Halloween. Going to a haunted house, hosting a party, and watching horror movies can be just as entertaining as going out to get candy. If some people really miss eating their candy after gathering it for hours, they could just go to any local store and buy their favorite candy. Candy prices at stores are normally cheap and it could save one a lot of time.

Deciding when to stop trick-or-treating is all up to what each person decides and believes. Individuals may think twelve is too old, while others say to never stop. The festivities should come to an end by the time one is sixteen, though. Some people stop by choice, others by law. No one should feel forced to stay indoors if they wish to go out. Whatever one chooses, Halloween can still be an exciting holiday for all ages.