Seinfeld to come to Netflix in 2021

Seinfeld to come to Netflix in 2021

Marcello Pinterpe, Junior Writer

It’s a Thursday night in 1995, families are just finishing up with dinner, children are getting ready for bed, and you can faintly hear one of the most ubiquitous tunes in television history echo out of every house on the block. It is time for the people of America to sit back and relax as they indulge in the family friendly comedy of everyone’s favorite sitcom: Seinfeld. Many may view it as a thing of the past, an era of CBS ignored by the current generation. That soon comes to an end with the announcement of Seinfeld being added to Netflix at the beginning of 2021.

According to CNN, “Netflix will be the exclusive global streaming home to the sitcom. The financial terms of the deal, which Netflix struck with distributor Sony Pictures Television, were not disclosed”

As one could imagine, the entire country is raving about the announcement of the accessibility of the show. Twitter is swamped with users celebrating with exclamatory tweets of happiness.

“Netflix has won the battle for 80s TV show, Seinfeld!” Says TechShout on Twitter.

The addition of the sitcom comes with a price. Friends will be removed from the Netflix library with the introduction of Seinfeld and this has been a significant source of division among the people. Some are in favor, some are not and value Netflix the way it is now. 

“Friends is more exciting than Seinfeld, and appeals more to people our age” Senior, Rhianna Braschayko says.

All of this of course asks the question of what we as viewers value more. Nostalgia or Excitement. Nonetheless, Seinfeld is proving to be a great idea for available TV shows that can be watched with the click of a button.