Gone Clubbin’

Gone Clubbin'

David Nadalin

Brooklyn Bell, Junior Writer

   Clubs are one of the more common extracurricular activities offered at different schools all across the country. They are suggested at school because studies show that joining clubs has a huge impact on students, such as improved social skills and greater fluency in conversation. 

An additional benefit for joining clubs is gaining experience that could help in the future.  At Ford, there are many clubs provided for students in all grades. Many clubs host activities to benefit the community. For instance, in October, Key Club is taking part in the “Trick or Treat for UNICEF”, which helps improve childrens’ lives through gathering donations headed for starving families.

UNICEF is a United Nations Children’s Fund, which helps children in need of  medical management and emergency nourishment. UNICEF also protects children’s rights.

   A popular extracurricular activity that a vast amount of students join is marching band. To be in marching band you have to be enrolled in band class. Marching band participates in a variety of events during the school year, including performing at football games, local parades and other venues.

“The main purpose of marching band is to be with friends and learn new music. People are attracted to this club because everyone treats each other like family,” marching band postulant sophomore Christel Palombit said. 

Another club that has attracted many students is Interact. Interact is a club where students have an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects. This involves helping the school and community. Students will learn to develop social and leadership skills while meeting new friends.

“Some fun things that are involved in doing Interact are public services and Special Olympics. Special Olympics is where we help out children that have special needs, we give them ribbons and medals and tell them what physical interaction they should join. The main purpose of doing Interact is giving back to your community,“ senior Brooke Nagy said. 

There is a club that fits everyone’s interests, so make sure to join one right away.