Junior Varsity Tennis Team is Getting Ready to Round Out the Season

The junior varsity tennis team reflects on their wins and losses.


Claudia Pilarski, Editor

As the junior varsity tennis team arrived at Stony Creek High School on Saturday, April 29 for there weekend tournament, the temperatures rose to just above fifty degrees and the girls patiently waited for the other teams to show.

When Port Huron’s team withdrew from the tournament, it was an automatic win, setting the girls on an apparent course to success. Though they ended up losing the last two sets, the girls were still able to have fun and learn from the experience.

“While this is only my first year playing tennis, I’ve learned from multiple matches that no matter how many times I get upset or become angered by my losses, there is always room for me to improve,” freshman Edith Pilarski said. “I can maintain a positive mindset that reminds me tennis doesn’t always have to be about winning or losing, but about having fun and living in the moment.”

Between workouts and practices, the junior varsity tennis team has had somewhat of a rough start, but an overall average season. After winning individual matches against Port Huron and Stevenson, the girls are hopeful to snag a few more wins before the end of the season.

“I am hopeful for the rest of the season,” freshman Maria Ivezaj said. “Of course there are always things to work on and perfect.”

In tennis, it can be difficult to overcome an opponent, especially if the two teams are equal in competitiveness. If a team does not make two consecutive points at a tie, then it’s reset and the other team can try to take the win. Essentially, it can be a long time before a team wins, making the tournaments both lengthy and tiring.

“It is hard at times since some of my matches can go on for hours,” freshman Natalia Dycha said. “However, knowing that my coach, teammates and family are supporting me I try to win so they could be proud… I should be proud of myself no matter what.”

Though suffering a few losses, the team can look forward to a few more chances to win throughout the rest of April and May.