Roseanne’s return to televison

After over 20 years of being off the air, ABC's "Roseanne" returned to the small screen

Joachina Jenuwine, Junior Writer

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The iconic show “Roseanne” originally came out on ABC in 1988 until 1997 with 10 seasons. The show followed the lives of a married couple, Dan and Roseanne, and their three kids Becky, Darlene, and D.J., along with Roseanne’s best friend Jackie, and the in-laws. They had normal family problems they had to overcome: money, marriage, and work. In the series finale, Dan passed away after having a heart attack.


Recently on March 27, “Roseanne” came back on air with new a season. It has mostly the original characters and some new to add to the family.

One of the newest additions to the show is Emma Kenney, who plays a main star on the show Shameless. She now playing the daughter of Darlene. Dan also rejoined the show alive and well, despite dying in the original series.


Roseanne and Dan are now grandparents helping their kids that are now grown up teaching them life lessons they went once through.


The nine new episodes of “Roseanne” airs at 8pm on Tuesdays on ABC.