SATs: what you need to succeed

Madeline Cronin, Junior Writer

Juniors spend more than half of their school year preparing for SAT  testing. Between taking prep classes and buying workbooks,students might stop to think about how this one test will affect their future. Many colleges look at SAT scores as an important factor in deciding whether a student gets admitted or not.

“I was so stressed out about the test because I knew it could make or break my college admission,” junior Jamie Ivan said.

Though many people feel that if they fail their SATs, they will never get into college, this is not technically true.

“There is more than one factor that college admission officers look at,” said Junior Elizabeth Lent. “I’m not too worried about my score because I’m involved in so many other things.”

In fact, SAT scores are looked at as just a part of a bigger picture. For instance, a student who got a very good SAT score but has no extracurriculars is less likely to get into a school than someone who had a lower score but was more involved in their community.

So, just remember, if you didn’t do so hot on your big tests, you still have a chance of getting into the school of your dreams. Keep in mind that test scores are still an important part of the application process, here are some important requirements you should aim for:  


Michigan State University:

SAT- 1050-1310

GPA- 3.68

University of Michigan:

SAT- 1450

GPA- 3.83

Central Michigan University:

SAT- 1140

GPA- 3.33

Western Michigan University:

SAT- 1140

GPA- 3.41

Grand Valley State University:

SAT- 1020-1230

GPA- 3.56

Northern Michigan University:

SAT- 980

GPA- 2.25

Saginaw Valley State University:

SAT- 980-1170

GPA- 3.37

Oakland University:

SAT- 890-1180

GPA- 3.4