Time to Celebrate

Time to Celebrate

Allyssia Nitschke, Junior Writer

Setting up the tents, placing the food and decorations, then starting up the music for the big day; the one graduation party. People begin to gather; the grad party is ready to begin.

Senior grad parties are a highlight of senior year, the last part before college, the last party of your high school life. This all adds up to a night with family and friends. When the night is over, it is time for the next chapter and next step in life.

To start with, most students have their parties in June. It is the first month after senior year, the weather is nice and of course it is summer, so warm sunny days are plentiful. Many students like to do their parties last so they can go to all their friends parties and then have theirs last so everyone of their friends can be there.

Before the party the first task is to pick a theme. Will it be colors, will it be something they love doing, a favorite show, or even a favorite type of food. The colors could be the college the student is attending, or the colors of their high school if they are not going to college. Something they love doing as in traveling, a sport or just a hobby. A favorite show such as “Friends,” “The Office,” “Golden Girls,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Vampire Diaries” or whatever their show may be. Themes are very popular.

“My theme for my grad party is the colors of the college I am attending,” senior Sarah Macioce said. “I am going to Central Michigan so the colors are maroon and gold yellow. I wanted to go with the colors instead of trying to pull a party with so many details. I thought this was simple and cute.”

“For my grad party I am doing a taco themed party,” senior Alissa Dorie said. “I love tacos and why not do that theme. It is going to be cool with a huge taco bar and cute decorations. I wanted to do something fun and colorful and I thought this was perfect.”

Pinterest always has great ideas even if someone can’t come up with them. For example, people can find any color themes on pinterest, little outside of the box decorations and cute displays for foods and desserts. Pinterest also has big balloon decorative signs for DIYs. Another thing that is on there is invitation ideas and picture set up ideas and so much more.

Grad parties are the last goodbye before moving forward, and themes always make the night special.