Beautification Day

Students participate in school Beautification Day in celebration of Earth Day


Joey Sager

As the snow melted and temperatures warm up, spring has finally arrived, which means it is time for some spring cleaning for the planet.

Every year the school undergoes Beautification Day, which is a schoolwide event that features litter pick up, weeding, planting new hostas, rose bushes and laying new mulch. The objective is to better the environment and teach the students to understand the importance of the planet’s well-being. The event organizer, Interact club sponsor Kate Walker, has found that there is a positive impact on the students resulting from this day.

“I have found that teaching students about the satisfaction that comes from a tough day of work outside will cause them to keep the Earth cleaner, appreciate the beauty that is all around them, and prevent them from littering and polluting the Earth in the future,” Walker said.

This event was organized in honor of Earth Day and nationally people do a variety of things to help the environment. From early ages, a majority of elementary schools and at home, children were thought to take care and respect the environment.

“If we don’t take care of our planet it’s obvious that no one will. We got to do our part; it is our home,” junior Roberto Trevino said.

In tribute to school Beautification Day, younger generations learn the importance of preserving their communities. Many consider pollution to be an issue worldwide, scientists claim that it destroys ecosystems, wildlife, oceans and lakes, which could cause damage to the planet.

“If we all take part and clean our own environments it will make the earth a better place, because if we clean the trash then there won’t be much pollution,” junior Tia Pelc said.

Simple tasks such as throwing trash away is a step in the right direction when it comes to helping the community.

From the Interact club planting new flowers in front of the school to students from other classes picking up the trash around the school, the school underwent the Beautification Day once again.