The Small Choice

Support small business this holiday season


Connor Finnigan, Junior Writer

Everyone has a preference, especially when Christmas comes around, mainly when buying gifts. Some people prefer to buy gifts from higher end businesses like Amazon, Nike, or even big car companies. However, others would rather support the smaller businesses to help them get back on track.

Businesses that make handmade items from wood or yarn could make great Christmas gifts for many people. When people buy these items, they are supporting these smaller businesses and helping them when they are in need, regarding the current circumstances. In the long run, the money would help business owners significantly.

On the other hand, the bigger businesses, such as Amazon and Nike, sell expensive items, which some people might prefer. However, that is not what Christmas is all about anyways. The Christmas spirit is about spending time with families and helping others. So, buy a stuffed animal or a handmade wooden clock this year and give them to family and friends or even keep them at home.

Getting gifts from smaller businesses is perfect for the little ones because they usually love stuffed animals or any type of toy. Shoppers could even get bowls or plates from businesses similar to these.

Having a small business can be a struggle and hard to maintain, but people do it for a living and they love it. There is nothing wrong with supporting higher end companies, but supporting the smaller ones is just as great or maybe even better.

Even though these companies aren’t as popular, that does not mean their products aren’t good. They are not getting a lot of publicity, which is why supporting them is important. Making sure these businesses stay on their feet is something that would make a positive impact on these owners.

Small companies use the money they earn for the supplies they need to keep the business running. Most people that run businesses depend on profits to provide for a family or themselves.. Others do it as a side job to make more money to treat their kids or family members with better Christmas gifts.

These companies work hard on their products to make them look amazing for their customers. Also to make them durable and long lasting, the smaller businesses put as much effort as they can for the buyers. So spread the word around to get them going up in the world of business. 

So go out, find some businesses that need money or that need support, and help them out. Some have actual stores and others have only online stores. Either way, people can give them the support they need.

Help these small businesses in any way possible.  Maybe this means just giving them publicity or buying multiple items. Help them succeed and take off in the world of retail; spread some Christmas cheer this season.