Winter Sports Postponement

With COVID-19 postponing winter sports, how are athletes keeping in shape at home

Winter Sports Postponement

Brooklyn Berchulc, Senior Writer

On Monday December 7, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the extension of the second statewide lockdown and this has put a pause on school sports until further notice. With the lockdown still in action, this has left athletes to do their conditioning at home. This might put teams at an extreme disadvantage considering “teamwork makes the dream work,” but if practices are over video calls, then how are athletes learning to work together?

Over the course of about nine months, COVID has quickly taken more and more from students. From social distancing at practices to now being on total lockdown this has been a huge inconvenience for winter sports teams. 

“We can’t stunt in cheer and that’s the best part,” junior Ally Cracchiolo said.

 When the school year started, sports were still in action, but athletes played with caution. However, winter athletes haven’t even played their first game or gone to their first competition yet. 

So without being able to physically be on the court or on the mat, how have teams been working on their skills and getting better as a team? 

“The team obviously hasn’t been able to get together, but I’ve been shooting, running, doing push ups and I go to the gym,” junior Noah Simmons said. 

There’s no doubt the corona virus has been an extreme burden for everybody. Not being able to practice as a team is not only affecting athletes but the team as a whole. When the state order lifts on December 20, hopefully these athletes get to play like normal.