Movie Magic Drive-In

Lakeside Mall is hosting holiday-themed movie nights

Movie Magic Drive-In

Alyssa Fiantaco, Junior Writer

With COVID drastically affecting many events in 2020, Lakeside Mall decided to step up and make things a little more fun. They plan to play a series of Christmas themed films such as “Elf” and “Christmas Vacation” that will run five weekends before the holiday.  After that depending on the weather and demand, they will close the theater down throughout January and February, and re-open in the spring. The first showing was hosted on November 20th.

Lakeside Mall has set up two different screens and plays three different movies at each of them. You have a choice of which shows you want to see. The first movie to play is at 5:30pm The second movie starts at 8:00pm, Then the third and final movie for that night starts at 10:30pm. The prices are $25 per car. 

“I went there with a group of my friends and don’t regret it,” senior Julia Ujka said, “With everything going on, it was nice to actually find something to do with my friends.” 

If you are running out of things to do this year Lakeside Mall has your back. Go over on a Friday or Saturday night to enjoy some christmas movies with your friends and family. Maybe grab a bite to eat on your way there. They have some really good food choices, such as Steak ‘n Shake, Charleys, Flaming Wong and more. Take your friends or family on a fun holiday night out and enjoy the movies!