Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift ideas to help you get through the holidays

Holiday Gift Ideas

Klara Jamil, Senior Writer

Want to put a smile on your families, friends and partner’s face? Well a gift is always one way to express gratitude. There are so many gifts to buy, but it’s hard to buy a special one. Here are some ideas for that special gift.  


For parents:


Custom house portrait

Getting a meaningful gift for parents is always the best. Why not get a custom portrait of their house? Buying a special gift for parents can have more meaning, something to always be remembered. Custom portraits could be ordered online from or amazon, or from a store that customizes portraits. 

iRobot Rumba

If you want to make your parents’ job easier buy them an iRobot. It’s a gift that has a significant meaning when you can’t physically help them clean around. You can get them from Target, Walmart and other stores. Rumba is an easy way to clean the house without having to actually do it. It’s automatic.

Monopoly board

Want to have a family game night? Monopoly is perfect for that. Having a family night with your parents and siblings can be joyable. 

‘“Monopoly is a big part of my family’s life. Every two weeks we gather around and spend time together. Those are the little things that make me happy,’’ junior Sally Nader said.  


For siblings:


Makeup Sets & Perfumes

For sisters, makeup sets and perfumes could be perfect. Showing interest in things your sister likes is one way to show her you love her. Makeup and perfumes could do the trick. You can buy it almost anywhere 

“It’s so hard to find the perfect gift for my little sister. I always end up asking my friends what to grab for her,’’ senior Fadi Ralphael said.

Video Games 

For brothers, colones and video games could be options. You could also buy a new controller. The games can be bought from Best Buy, walmart and even game stop. 


For friends: 



There’s always matching bracelets. You can make it something special between the two of you. You can write a joke, or make a cool design about something you both love and have in common. The bracelets can be customized online. Or If you want a customized bracelet from Shein or eBay start it as soon as possible.


It could be as simple as telling them how much they mean to you, or just cracking a joke. Cards could be custom made if you’d rather it be more interesting.


For couples:


Travel map

If you enjoy traveling what better could you do than to travel with your partner. International maps could be bought off amazon or ebay. Start the new year with a new and fresh start.

Matching hoodie

This is a usual one, but you can add your own twist. Maybe have something written on it, a special date or an inside joke between the two of you. This could be bought or made. However, if you’re looking for a certain design it’s better to go with custom made hoodies.

“My boyfriend and I have matching sets of hoodies. It says Mrs. and Mr. Mickey Mouse. It has a nice meaning between the two of us,’’ junior Olha Mykhsiliuk said.

Gifts are sometimes a lasting memory of the person that gave it to you. It’s more meaningful than it seems. It’s a way to show the person you remembered and thought about them when you’re away from that person. Memories are nice to look back on, and gifts could be a great start.