A Smile A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Smiling and laughing can lead to a longer life

A Smile A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Edie Pilarski, Editor

The phrase “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” is a well-known English-language proverb. However, countless individuals are not aware that “an apple” can be replaced by “a smile.” Astonishingly, smiling and laughing often can make people live longer compared to those who do not. It does not matter what makes a person smile; if a grin is genuine, then a couple of years could be added to their life span.

According to CMU, Psychology Professor Sheldon Cohen published a journal from American Psychosomatic Medicine. Volunteers were interviewed for a couple weeks to record their moods and emotional styles. Then, the volunteers were purposely infected with a cold virus. The volunteers were studied to see who would become sick. Those who stayed positive and got a cold had symptoms that were less severe. 

Smiling is associated with having a longer lifespan, but there are more benefits. Having a good laugh or wearing a big grin can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Negative thoughts might decrease the immunity of an individual, while staying positive can strengthen it. A beaming smile puts other people in a cheerful mood and helps build relationships, increasing confidence. When someone smiles or laughs, other people may gravitate towards them.

“I didn’t know that smiling could make people live longer. I think I smile and laugh a lot. Really, anything can make me laugh. My sense of humor is really weird,” junior Olivia Boutorwick said.

They say smiling is good for the heart, while laughing is good for the soul. Laughter minimizes stress, relaxes the body, diffuses anger and even burns calories. Over a long period of time, giggling increases personal satisfaction, relieves pain and improves moods. Laughter truly is the best medicine. 

 There are countless reasons to smile, even on gloomy days or during rough times. Watching a funny television show, spending time with family members and making someone else laugh can all cause people to smile. Even avoiding news articles or refraining from watching the news can take the mind off all the crazy events occurring in the world. 

“Doing dumb things with my friends or family makes me laugh. It doesn’t matter what it is, but we manage to always have a good time,” junior Dane Spencer said. 

 Those who are having a troubled day would certainly appreciate it if someone smiled at them or gave them a reason to laugh. Laughter is contagious and it could brighten someone’s day. Complimenting a peer, calling a friend on the phone, telling a funny joke and writing a letter to another individual is bound to make them smile. Being thoughtful and showing appreciation for others will bring a smile to their face and to the person that brought the positive energy. 

Smiling and laughing often has numerous benefits, mentally and physically. Taking time throughout the day to make a friend or family member grin is the best remedy to a boring day. Life brings challenges and inconveniences that can bring a person down, but those drab days can always be fixed by a simple smile.