Horror Movie Madness

The Best Selection of Horror Movies for All Kinds of Viewers


Kurt Szymanski, Editor

With Halloween right around the corner, a common indulgent for some is watching horror movies. Whether that be during the entire month, or only the night of Halloween, here are some of the best horror films to engage in.


When you mention horror movies around Halloween the one movie that comes to mind for many is of course, “Halloween.” Although it’s far from the ‘scariest movie’ title, this movie is a classic and spawned many sequels that span over the decades of the franchise’s existence. 

Halloween stars Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, on Halloween night in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The antagonist of the movie, Michael Myers, killed his sister 15 years prior to when the movie takes place and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. However, many patients escape the hospital on the eve of Halloween, including Michael, who turns his 15 years of built up rage against the town of Haddonfield.

If this movie left you with wanting more, I’d highly recommend taking the time to watch the sequel right after, as it picks up exactly where the first ends off. If you’ve already since both films, I’d recommend watching both of the reboots. Although nothing can come close to the original, the reboots were done correctly, and provide a different following of the story.

The Conjuring

If classics aren’t your thing, any movie from “The Conjuring” series should satisfy you. While some prove to be scarier than others, starting with the original from 2013 gives you the opportunity to treat yourself to the entire six movie series in order of when they were premiered.

“The Conjuring” features the weird experiences a family goes through after they move into their new house. After many restless nights, they reach for the help of Ed and Loraine Warren, who were famous paranormal investigators.

Every single one of these movies feels like a rollercoaster of a movie, proving time and time again that they belong with the other top horror franchises. The one thing that separates “The Conjuring” series from the rest however, is that all the movies are based on true events, adding that extra scare factor.


If horror movies don’t interest you at all and you’re looking for something different while still staying somewhat near the genre, then the “Saw” movies might just hit your mark. With the first film dating back to 2004, this series released a new movie, every Halloween, from 2004 to 2009. The movies definitely hit on a more psychological kind of movie, as they all feature twists and turns that can excite new viewers.

The original features two men chained by their feet to a bathroom with the goal to escape the bathroom before time runs out. While this is happening, we see flashbacks of others trying to complete their own sadistic challenges and we see flashbacks of the events leading up to the two getting locked in the bathroom.

While you may feel like you’ve gotten the full story with the first “Saw” film, spoilers, you aren’t even close. Each movie expands on the plot of the previous with similar concepts. I’d recommend watching the full series, if you feel up to it.

Horror Movies on a Budget

For those of you who want to enjoy a good Halloween movie on a budget, “Silence of the Lambs,” “Poltergeist.” “Creep,” and “Hush” are all available on Netflix. The “Silence of the Lambs” is a classic crime movie that might hit the spot. “Poltergeist” is another classic, it’s a mix of the same concept of “The Conjuring” with the feel of any older horror film. “Creep” and “Hush” are modern slasher films, while inferior to many in the genre, they still show to be true to the genre.

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating, eating unhealthy amounts of candy, and watching all kinds of horror movies. So why not take a stab at it.