College Week Activities

College week activities will be held virtually throughout the week


Fernanda Hernandez, Senior Writer

The month of October is especially important for Ford students because it has been decreed to be “College Month” both nationally and locally. As many of the current seniors are getting ready to apply for college, some may perceive it as overwhelming. For this reason, the counselors created Ford’s very own college spirit week.

Throughout the last week of the quarter, students and teachers will be able to participate in virtual, spirit-week like events. 

Starting from Monday, October 26, it will be “College Conversation Day”. College conversation day will be an event led by the teachers. Throughout classes, the teachers at Ford should have an open discussion about what their experience with college was like. Students who may be curious as to what post-secondary education can do for their future will be able to have their questions answered by knowledgeable teachers.

Tuesday will be “Social Media Day”. Students and teachers will be able to submit pictures having to do with their favorite colleges. Everyone should get as creative as possible. The most creative teacher and student submission will win a school store gift card.

Wednesday will be what the counselors call “I Applied Day”, a day where seniors will send their transcripts to one college via Naviance. A school store gift card will be raffled off to one student who sends in their transcript to a college.

Thursday will follow with “College Quiz Day”, a day where there will be a Microsoft Form survey for all grade levels. Once again, a school store gift card will be raffled off to one student who completes the quiz.

Lastly, Friday will end the week off with “College Apparel Day”. On the last day of the spirit week, students should wear any clothing items from their favorite colleges during their Teams meetings. Picture and raffle winners will be announced on this day.

Since this school year has brought on many challenges, students should now more than ever feel inclined to talk to their respective teachers and counselors about the process of applying to college. Although the topic of post-secondary education can be an intimidating one, it’s important to consider the options. The counselors’ goal is to have some sort of plan for seniors by the end of the month, so make sure to participate in the College Spirit Week.